Thursday, 20 October 2011

International cat show 2011 - Celje/ Mednarodna razstava mačk 2011 - Celje

Last Saturday (15th October), Britney and Nino participated at the International FIFe Cat Show, which was traditionally organised by the Slovenian FIFe cat club Felinološko društvo Celje (FDCe).
It is important to mention, that this Saturday`s show was not just another show in a row, but the 100th one and therefore a jubilant event. And on this very special day, Britney and Nino recived their first CAC, plus they BOTH got NOMINATED for BEST IN SHOW. Nino was also selected for the SPECIAL COMPETITION of the most beautiful shorthair cats. We are all very proud of them!

Our Show Cage
Britney Peeking Out of Her Bed
Nino Peeking Out of His Bed
Show Hall
Britney beeing Evaluated by the Judges
Nino on the Right - BEST IN SHOW

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